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Sisterly love

Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts.  I was blessed with my first daughter in 2012.  In 2013 I found out we were going to be blessed again.  My husband and I have always waited to find out the gender of our kids until they are born (such a fun experience… I highly recommend it).  When I was pregnant  my husband was wishing hard for a boy.  He is a mans man and wanted a boy bad.  While I would love to have a son I was secretly hoping for another girl.  I never had a sister and wanted for my oldest daughter to have that relationship.  I have always admired my girlfriends that have sisters.  There is something about the sisterly bond, no relationship can compare.

While my girls are still little I can already see the bond forming.  My oldest is so motherly and loves to help and care for her little sister.  My youngest already looks up to her sister, I can see it in her eyes.  They laugh, they play and they light up when the other walks (or crawls) into the room.  I look forward to watching them grow and interact differently as the years go by. I know not all days are going to be rosy especially during the teenage years when they are stealing each others clothes.

When you look at your children you want them to have a bright future, you want them to know they are always loved and you want them to learn life’s lessons as painless as possible.  I am constantly looking at these two little girls hoping they will treasure their relationship with one another and always feel the “sisterly love.”  And as for my husband, he is so in love and is quite the ladies man haha!

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