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December 3, 2015

I remember years ago before I embarked on my journey of motherhood watching the movie The Help. In the movie one of the caregivers in the movie made a point to whisper in the little girls ear that she cared for daily “you is smart, you is kind and you is important.” I remember thinking what a powerful saying that was and how that caregiver was empowering that little girl with those words. I vowed that if I ever had daughters I wanted to empower them the same way.


When my first daughter was born I purchased a painting that had that saying from The Help on it and it is hanging in my daughters bathroom next to her vanity. While I want both of my daughters to know that they are smart, kind and important there is so much more that I want to instill in them so they know they can move mountains one day if they want.


I want my daughters to know that they are first and foremost loved. That the love that their father and I have for them is endless and unconditional. I want them to value the love they have for each other and the gift of sisterhood. I want them to respect others and admire them for their differences and strengths. They need to know it is ok to be different and they should be applauded for it… They don’t ever have to conform to the views of others they just need to be themselves and earn the respect of others.


I tell them daily that they are beautiful and I will always continue to do so. I hope they will learn the value of inner beauty and how it is the most important type of beauty there is. I hope that they continue to smile always because their smiles brighten so many people’s days and their laughter is contagious.


While I could go on and on about what I hope to teach my daughters the most important thing I can do is lead by example and teach them life lessons daily as they come and as they encounter tough times. I promise my sweet girls that I will do my best and show you the true meaning of life and empower you every step of the way.

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  1. Mary Lombardo says:

    Beautiful little girls both inside and outside.

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