Summer Maternity Sessions {Metro Detroit Maternity Photographer}

Spring is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about summer maternity sessions.  Summer is my busiest time clients love summer maternity sessions.  The flowers are blooming, the trees are nice and green and the sunsets are to die for.  I take many things into consideration when choosing my locations for my clients sessions.  I evaluate my clients wishes and wants and preferences.  Many of my clients will look at my maternity portfolio and share their favorite images with me so this gives me an idea of the scenic backdrops and looks they are going for.

Summer Maternity Sessions ~ Lake Photos

My lake shots are my most requested look that my clients ask for.  These are my favorites and one of my signature images that I provide for my clients.  I love the lake, it is my happy place and where I spend quality time with my family.  Therefore, I love incorporating it into my work and sharing my love with the water with my clients.  When my clients request lake photos I let them know we will finish our session at the lake, I shoot these last.  I do these last right as the sun is setting so I get a beautiful sunset and beautiful tones on the reflection of the water.  Mom’s usually get into the water up to their knee (the lake levels have been hight the last few years so depending on Mom’s hight they may get in a little further).  I have shot photos in the lake as early as mid April and as late as mid October if we have a nice warm day.  The lake I shoot my sessions at is pretty shallow,  has a nice sandy bottom and clean water so it tends to be warmer.  What most people may not know is I get in the water with you  this gives me the best and most flattering angles to shoot my photos.

Summer Maternity Sessions ~ Outdoor Photos

I have several locations around my studio that I use for my outdoor photos.  I pick my locations around my clients preferences as well as what condition these locations are in at different times of the summer season.  Some locations have more blooming flowers for my clients who want a pop of color in their photos.  Some clients want their photos takin in the woods or with lush green tones.  So I am constantly scouting my different locations to make sure I choose the perfect spot to shoot my sessions.  Sometimes I don’t choose the location until the day of, but all the locations are close to my studio.  Even with outdoor photos we start the session at my studio so we can choose gowns from my client closet to pair with the locations we will be shooting at.

Summer Maternity Sessions ~ In-studio Photos

I still have many clients who want in-studio set-ups with their summer maternity sessions and thats fine!  I give my clients the option of all indoors, outdoors only or both.  There is no difference in the cost of the session I want my clients to have a one of a kind perfect experience and many like to have both indoors and outdoor photos to give their gallery more variety.

Booking a Summer Maternity Session

I usually recommend shooting your maternity session when you are between 30-34 weeks pregnant.  Most of my clients contact me when they are around 20 weeks pregnant or earlier to get their session date on my books.  Because summer is one of the busiest times of the year for my business and I only take on a limited amount of sessions a month I recommend that you contact me sooner than later to secure your session.

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