The KFP Portrait Experience {Michigan Fine art Portrait Photographer}

I wanted to create a post to share with you the KFP Portrait Experience.  With every session I capture and every client I work with I try and create a one of a kind of experience.  No two Moms are the same, no two babies are the same therefore no two sessions are the same.  I try and plan every last detail of my sessions around my client’s preferences and ultimate wish list.  I want them to get the most of their time and experience with me and have a relaxed and enjoyable session. Once my clients reach out to me via my website inquiring for their session here is how the process goes, let me walk you through the experience…

1. The Phone call

I believe that the strongest form of communication is talking.  All sessions start with a phone call.  When an inquire comes in via my website I call my clients.  During our call I like to ask my clients a few questions regarding their preferences to make sure I would be a good fit for them.  I also go over details about the studio and my sessions.

2. The Consultation

After chatting over the phone and making sure we are on the same page we set-up a consult.  Consults can happen in person at my studio or virtually over a Google Meet meeting.   During this consult is when the fun begins, we start planning a custom session and going over details around my clients wishes.  After we are done with some of the planning I show all of the heirloom artwork I offer and go over all the pricing.  At the end of our consult together we both take out our calendars and put their session dates on our schedules.

3. The Session

Yay!  The day has arrived for us to meet and capture some amazing memories together.  All sessions start at my studio for maternity clients we spend the first 15-20 minutes in the client closet picking out the most perfect gowns for their shoot.  For newborn sessions we make sure baby is fed and get started!  I try to make sure all my clients have a relaxing, fun time with me and feel beautiful.  My studio is nice and cozy for my newborn clients the room is heated to 85 degrees for baby’s safety.  After my clients leave I get to work on editing their images to present to them.

4. The Viewing Appointment

A week or two after the my clients sessions we meet again.  This meeting can be in person at my studio or virtually over a Google Meet meeting.  This is the most exciting time of the experience!  My clients get to see their images for the first time.  There are usually lots of smiles and sometimes a few tears of joy.  Once my clients have seen all their images we start selecting their favorites and what artwork they would like to display those images on.  During this meeting I have a cool software program I use that can show clients what their images would look like on their walls.  I am willing to help my clients as much or as little as they would like to pick the perfect artwork to preserve their beautiful memories we captured together.

5. Product Pick-up

The day has come!  My clients get to pick up their artwork and bring it home to display on their walls or shelves and share with family and friends for years to come!
I look forward to giving each of my clients a great, one of a kind portrait experience.  Contact the studio today if you are interested in booking your portrait experience, I look forward to photographing your beautiful memories!


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