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One of my most important goals with each session is taking your custom photography session photos and making them into pieces of art.  I want my clients to enjoy the moments we capture together everyday.  I love walking by the photos of my family each and everyday.  They make me smile and I get to remind myself each day of my kids growth and how much they have changed over the years.  I am so thankful for the captured memories that I have…. they will treasure them forever.

It is this very reason that I offer my clients beautiful pieces of art to hang and enjoy in their homes.  Each piece of art is customized to my clients’ wants and needs for their homes.  I use special software during my viewing appointments where I can show clients what different pieces of art will look like on their walls.  They can see the size of the images, what a canvas or print would look like framed or what a collage of several prints or canvases would look like grouped together to make a gallery wall.  All they have to do is send me a photo of the space in their home where they would like to display their wall art and the designing starts from there.

Making each session a custom, “one of a kind” experience…

Each of my photography sessions is a very customized experience.  During our introductory call, we will get a better understanding of your preferences in colors, locations and posing.  You and I will work together to get a better understanding of your vision and how the artwork will be displayed in your home.  No two pregnancies, babies or families are the same.  This is the reason I take the time to get to know my clients and meet with them before each session so I can create a one of a kind, relaxed experience for them.

A week or two after each session I meet back at the studio with my clients to reveal the photos we captured together during our session (this is the best part of the experience).  I just love seeing the joy in people’s faces as they see their images for the first time.  We will review each image and compare several when needed.  Then we will select the best images to display on your walls.

All the pieces of art offered to my clients are archival.  This means that if they are properly displayed and cared for, they will last for 100 years.  These are items that can be passed down as family heirlooms and enjoyed for generations.  When considering where my clients will place their art in there home I also consider which medium would be best for them.  For example, I don’t recommend that prints be hung or displayed in a room where they will have direct sunlight on them.  Even though my prints have a UV glaze that is applied to them, I recommend them to be put behind museum glass for UV protection.  Sometimes the situation a calls for a bonded canvas, which we will discuss at the time of ordering.


A few things to keep in mind when choosing the right art pieces for you home…

  1. Your prints always need to be framed and placed behind glass to protect them from the elements.  I recommend museum glass for extra protection.  Also, a print should never touch its glass.  With environmental changes and exposure to humidity over the course of time, a print could stick to the glass and this could damage the print.  Therefore, I recommend that prints be matted to protect them.  All of my prints are mounted to styrene so that they won’t bubble or warp in their frames.
  2. Many of my newborn clients wish to have a few images displayed in their baby’s room.  Most clients desire to hang them above the crib.  As a mother of four children, I know that balls, stuffed animals and other toys are thrown around in their rooms and the photos need to be resilient.  One of my children was a climber and loved to venture out of her crib at approximately 2 years old.  Because of this, I recommend that clients consider a gallery wrapped canvas to display their art in a baby’s room.  There is no glass needed so you don’t have to worry that the glass could break and harm your child.   Gallery wrapped canvases don’t need frames and they can be hung just as they come.
  3. Some clients want to display a large statement piece above their mantel, fireplace or in a foyer.  Bonded canvases make great statement pieces.  The colors are bold and vivid and they give a true museum feel.  Bonded canvases do need a frame (but don’t need glass) so this also creates a beautiful finished look.  Bonded canvases are very durable and work well for high traffic areas.
  4. Another subset of clients may not be in their “forever home” and they don’t want to commit to larger pieces of art for their walls.  We offer a solution for these clients as well in the form of collection boxes which contain smaller prints that are matted and ready to go in their frame.  These are perfect for gallery walls.  I have clients that will cluster 6-8 of them together to create a collage of images so they can enjoy several at one time.
  5. Finally, I’ve had an array of clients that like to keep their images safe and tucked away and only bring them out from time to time to enjoy.  My albums are the perfect piece of art for a client with these goals.  The covers can be customized with several different color and material options.  

Why its important to have your custom art pieces produced by your photographer…

It is always important to have your images printed through your photographer.  They have access to the worlds’ best print labs.  As an experienced photographer, our print labs have been vetted over the years and withstood the test of time.  All of our pieces are printed via professional labs who only work with professional photographers.  Likewise, they have vetted us too to insure that we bring a premium product, experience, and service level warranted of photographic artwork. I have chosen the best labs for each different piece of art that I offer.  My computer monitor is also calibrated to my labs specifications so I know that colors and exposure as I am editing will be consistent with the final product.

Clients come to me to have a custom boutique photography experience and they know I will take care of them every step of the way.  I design the sessions for them, I help them choose the appropriate art pieces for their home and lifestyle and lastly I make sure those products are PERFECT and quality items that they can enjoy for years to come.  I also send them home with some digital images of they images that they have chosen so they can share them on social media with friends and family if they would like. 

Having several art piece options for my clients is something that is very important to me.  These are their memories and custom captures that we have created together and I want them to get the most out of their investment in their custom photography session.

Choosing your pieces of art…

Offering custom sizes for my wall art so if they have a special place that requires an unusual print or canvas size I can design that for them and make sure the images is also edited to fit that piece.  Some images may require special editing or background extensions to fit with selected art pieces.  This I can do for my clients they don’t need to worry about getting a digital image that they want printed on a gallery wrap canvas only to find out one of their family members heads are going to go around the edge or the image may not be centered properly for that piece of art they want to hang on their wall.  Making sure that favorite image will fit with the product chosen.

Clients are always asked during our first meeting what their final goals are for their images… what do they want to show from our time together.  Some don’t know right away and thats fine I can help guide those clients.  Others know right way what their end goal is where and how they want to display their images.  When hiring a professional photographer to capture memories of you family that you treasure make sure you are going to walk away with something to enjoy not just a USB drive that will sit in a drawer or could possibly be corrupted over time and you loose your images forever.  And something you can display to remember such a special time if your life.  Protect your investment by choosing quality pieces are art that can be passed down from generation to generation.


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