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Shopping for your baby is such an exciting time for expecting parents and Modern Natural Baby in Ferndale, MI has everything you need and more.  When shopping for a new stroller, carseat, highchair or crib you want to see and touch know what you are getting making shopping online not as comfortable.  The big box […]

Shopping For Your Baby at Modern Natural Baby


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Wether you are already pregnant or you are planning a future pregnancy you may be looking to hire a midwife in the Metro Detroit area. Bringing a new life into the world is a transformative experience, filled with joy, anticipation, and a bit of anxiety. As expectant parents, one of the crucial decisions you’ll face […]

Hiring a Midwife in the Metro Detroit Area

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One of my most important goals with each session is taking your custom photography session photos and making them into pieces of art.  I want my clients to enjoy the moments we capture together everyday.  I love walking by the photos of my family each and everyday.  They make me smile and I get to […]

Your Custom Photography Made Into Pieces of Art {Michigan Newborn Photographer}

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Kat Figlak Photography Fine Art Photography Equipment

I get asked often what kind of equipment I use to capture my fine art photography style.  First, what is fine art photography?  Fine art Photography is a photography style that expresses the artists style (in this case me).  They are images that are expressive and are created to be displayed as a piece of […]

Equipment I Use to Capture Fine Art Photography {Metro Detroit Photographer}


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